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The Moscats of Syracuse and dessert wines

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Moscati D.O.C. Syracuse
and Raisin Wines

A full stop should be put on the confusion that too often, alas, is made between the sweet and the Moscato Passito DOC Syracuse, which unlike all other fortified wines, white calm, sweet dessert commonly called, is not a real sweet. The strength and the bounty of the land in this very small Crou, lets give grapes naturally and without forcing excessive allocations for generously both the alcohol request that the sugar residue required to give the product a perfect balance between the two components . With perfectly healthy grapes in our vineyard, just depending on the product, more or less the same with slight over ripening grapes on the plant itself. The grapes does not undergo so prolonged stress trellis that would end up distorting and goes directly from the vineyard to the cask, thus preserving not only a good acidity that makes the product cool to drink, but also the rich and hovering bouquet of aromas and flavors that make a unique wine in the world.
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